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C.C. Reagan

Director. Writer. Producer


Professional Summary

Highly creative filmmaker with ten plus years of experience in the film industry. Demonstrated passion in creating independent films, documentaries and short films in various platforms and genres. Experienced with actors and crew members of diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Knowledgeable in creating pitch decks, treatments, feature scripts and tv pilots.


Work Experience



  • Create an artistic vision that can be executed between multiple departments on time.

  • Provide direction for cast members to ensure they understand their character and the part they play in the larger production.

  • Collaborate with actors and crew members on an ongoing basis to ensure the creative integrity of the final production.




  • Mastering writing that transcends genres into marketable commercial products.

  • Characters are definable and universal - created for multiple demographics.

  • Rewrites are done efficiently and under deadlines.

  • Written plays, feature films, tv pilots, treatments and web-series.



2009 - present

  • Knowledge and experience in all phases of fundraising for production budget

  • Able to read, research and assess ideas and finished scripts

  • Experience in commissioning writers for projects

  • Secure funding for production; targeting at least 5 percent below budget.

  • Ability to build and foster positive network of contacts

  • Demonstrated knowledge in discussing projects with financial backers

  • Ability to use software packages for screenwriting, budgeting and scheduling

  • Experience in control of the budget and allocation of resources

  • Supervision of the project progress from development to production to post-production.

Narrative Production credits as Director, Writer & Producer

2015 – Flora Tango, RomCom, 10 min. Short film

2014 – Latina Lady, Romance, 5 min. Music video

2013 – 5 Minutes Alone, Crime Drama SciFi, 5 min. Short film

2013 – Brightside, SciFi Crime thriller, 1 min, Book commercial

2012 – Coming Together, SciFi - Romance experimental, 4 min. Short film.

2012 – OFf & Running, Comedy, 9-10 min each webisode total of 8. Web series.

2011– No Shelter Here, Family drama, 18 min. Short film

2010 – Salud, Drama, 10 min. Short film


Documentary credits as Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

2011- Taking Back My Life, MS survivor story, 5 min. Short Documentary.

2011 - SYCRCC- Keep Our Youth Out of Prison, Juvenile detention center, 4 min. Short Documentary


TV reality credit as casting recruiter

2001 – Becoming, MTV, half hour tv episode, Music video/Reality show


Docuseries credit as Co-producer

2003 - First Five California, Multiple episodes to teach nutritional value to underprivileged Latino communities.


Executive Producing

2016 – present

  • Creating pitch decks to communicate the overall vision of the film/tv products.

  • Research film/tv comparables for creating budgets for the packaging.

  • Connecting to investors and communicating the financial models for film financing.



  • Effective time management skills to keep productions on schedule and cast and crew on task

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to coordinate with cast and crew, to ensure successful execution of project/production

  • Creative skills to interpret scripts and work in collaboration with production team to bring the scriptwriter’s vision to life.

  • Storyboarding / Illustrating


2014 - Directing for Animation workshop, Steve Hickner, Dreamworks.

2007 - BA in Film and Electronic Arts & Media – Focused on screenwriting and documentary.

                 CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

2003 - AS in Theater – Directing for the stage. Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA.

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