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Quantum Realism, a New Film Genre with guest Cheyann Montiel Reagan June 19 at 1:00pm ET

Kimberly Rinaldi from Lessons in Joyful Living starts a conversation with the filmmaker and gets into Cheyann's vision for her future slate of films. The link for the show is online now! 6-19-14 click PLAY NOW and LISTEN!


Cheyann is developing her feature film "To The President" introducing a new film genre, Quantum Realism. To learn more about Cheyann and her work,

Latina Lady

February 26, 2014

"I can close my eyes and feel the warm sun on my face. The music on this EP is infectious and makes you want to have it on repeat. The video directed and produced as well as staring Cheyann Montiel Reagan, pushes the stereotypes of our generation. Gone are the video vixens replaced with a sweet respectable courtship."

Rising Latina Filmmakers

July 22, 2013

"The series has also toured in various schools and conferences to inspire students and figures in the Latino community to push for more Latinos to enter the arts and film world and to show their creativity and imagination. Cheyann spoke as the Influencer of Media Entertainment at the 4th Annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit in May to influence industry giants and others to push for a bigger impact for the next generation of Latinos to go into the arts and follow their ultimate dream job! Cheyann is another key influence for the number of young Latinas that dream of becoming a successful filmmaker!"

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Featured Latinas - Cheyann Montiel Reagan: OFf & RUNNING

May 27, 2013

by Linda Castillo

"I recently had the chance to interview producer Cheyann Montiel Reagan at the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit where she shared OFf & RUNNING 'Breaking Ground in Media' Documentary."


'OFf & Running' comedy web series premieres on YouTube Oct. 1st

September 26, 2012

By Ed Moy


"OFf & RUNNING reignites the vision of the American Dream and does so with lots of humor."

O.C.-connected Web series aims for Hollywood

August 21, 2012

By Theresa Walker


"A mix of the Orange County-based 'Arrested Development,' 'I Love Lucy' and 'New Girl.'

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